Get to know us
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Get to know us

We Are Gemini



Cute Virgo, but don’t get fooled. She can tone down the energy and balance situations, just don’t pull her strings.
#pop #minimal #prints #fresh



Fierce Taurus, big heart and always well-intended. Highly ambitious and skillful. She loves being bossy.
#glam #gold #sophisticated #oriental


Synchronicity in thinking and taking actions; we complete each other’s thoughts and ideas.
Our belief system is principle-centered. Thoughtful of everyone’s well-being, that’s why we will always demand this from others, too.
Our brains, as much as aesthetically driven, equally ready to come up with solutions for any technical issue.
Empathetic and strong. Always seeking solutions for ‘win-win’ situations.
Driven. So well driven that we sometimes feel the need to knock down some walls. Literally.
Full of energy and positive vibes. We manage to corrupt even the most difficult audiences.
Reliable. Count on us during holidays, birthdays or any other legal day off. Don’t laugh – it happens sometimes.
Next thing you know, you’ll be making your Xmas tree w/ us roaring around.
Sense of humor is a trait that outlines us perfectly. You could never get bored while having us around.
Aware of both our strong parts and weaknesses. We accept each other as incomplete so that together we can become a better whole,
always striving for perfection.
A little bit of OCD, a little bit of bipolar. We’ll both go crazy if proper boundaries are crossed.

Mission statement

Gemini’s main goal is establishing functional connections between user and his environment.


The aesthetic component is intrinsic present because it defines our personal day to day life. From our physical image to our mental state.


We grew up studying beauty, harmony, proportions, so we don’t have to separate objective from abstract notions.


Creative process

Creating starts w/ understanding the needs that our design has to attain. We will then start assigning styles, colors, shapes, textures to your personality and overall energy. It’s all fun and play.
Brainstorming sessions are effective and fast because of our direct connection and openness to each other’s ideas. We are always curious to see what the other keeps hidden in the corner of her mind. We are constantly amazed by ourselves and by one another.

Work ethic.

Our work ethic is very strict. For us, designing is not a job. It’s an act of creation. We put our entire creativity and knowledge at play, that is why we demand clients that know the difference between simply furnishing a space and what we do – bringing it to life and creating the story behind it.
The place you spend time in outlines the perspective for how you feel, work, evolve. It protects both your body and your mind.